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Our therapist, Reena Sehgal, graduated with a masters degree in physical therapy from the University of Delaware in 2002. She has been practicing physical therapy since then, with over a decade of orthopedic outpatient experience and close work with orthopedic surgeons and post-surgical orthopedic patients. Reena also is a certified pilates teacher after completion of comprehensive certification including utilization of pilates equipment through power Pilates. She enhanced her journey of wellness through certification in yoga teacher training for kids and adults. She finds her background of physical therapy and increasing knowledge and understanding of pilates and yoga to complement each other beautifully. Reena also has been through multiple surgeries alongside her amazing sister and truly values quality care. She treats her patients and clients like family.

Reena believes in treating all patients’ injuries comprehensively through “fitting the pieces of the puzzle together” looking at the whole picture. She enjoys evaluating and treating patients through thorough assessment and application of her clinical skills gained over the past 15 years. She looks forward to sharing her passion and enthusiasm for healthcare and wellbeing with you!

If you are in need of physical therapy services, call Pranav Physical Therapy & Pilates in Edison, NJ for more information. We also offer yoga and Pilates sessions.

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